WUSC SFU Meeting 6th October 2014

The meeting was held on the 6th of October 2014 at 5:20 p.m. to 6:00 p.m in the AQ 2013 Lounge. Below are the minutes:



International Women’s Day – WUSC SFU and Amnesty International – Education Themed Carnival Games

On the 10th of March 2014, a wonderful Monday, UNICEF SFU held an Education Themed Carnival in Convocation Mall, and WUSC SFU and Amnesty International were honored to be hosted. This was a commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

WUSC SFU was raising awareness about the Shine A Light campaign, and Amnesty International was promoting education through their Human Rights motto, “Education is a Human Right”.

It was a fun-filled event which included a ‘Captain Hook Bean Bag Toss’ and a ‘Spirit Liquid Pong’ an imitation of beer pong. We had some questions, regarding the importance of education, that we were asking all the participants. We were happy to hand out Camino chocolates and some candy to everyone 🙂

Below are the pics.

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YES To Sponsorship Extension Proposal

Today we held the voting meeting in AQ 2013 Conference room. I am excited to say that after much deliberation, there was a unanimous vote of YES to Chris Breedyk’s Sponsorship Extension Proposal 🙂

These are the meeting minutes:

Thank you so much for everyone who could make it 🙂

There are some few changes regarding meeting times, from now on we are going to be meeting (all members) every other Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. ( Once every 2 weeks)

Below is the breakdown of the WUSC SFU Sponsorship Funding

Alain Ndayishimiye – Recent Graduate 2013

This is a post that should have been posted a while back when Alain convocated, sorry Alain 🙂

Alain Ndayishimiye, as most of you know, is a very energetic and loving person. He came to SFU through WUSC in 2008 and graduated last year with a Business Degree. He was co-chair, but even after his term ended, he maintained a very supportive and reliable role.

SFU News published a short story about him.


Ana Afanasyeva’s Blog – Volunteering in Botswana in WUSC

I keep forgetting to put up Ana’s blog. For most who don’t know, Ana is WUSC SFU’s Events Coordinator and she is currently in Botswana for the International Seminar. She is volunteering with WUSC Botswana as an International Student Manager for 12 weeks.

We all miss her here at WUSC SFU, but we are excited about the change that she is making in Botswana. Please read her blog, Diary of a Year Long Travels, which is written in away that makes you feel as though you are experiencing life with her 🙂


We are looking forward to her coming back, but for now, enjoy the Beautiful African continent 🙂

We love you and miss you Ana (Banana)

Harambee Gala Dinner 2014

Harambee Gala Dinner 2014

Looking out for VIU WUSC’s Harambee dinner, this year.

VIU WUSC Local Committee

The Harambee Gala Dinner has become an annual tradition of the VIU WUSC Local Committee.

Harambee, an East African expression meaning “all pull together”, is a night where the community comes together to support the WUSC’s Student Refugee Program at VIU.

It features silent auctions, live music with an African flair, a multi-course and professionally-prepared dinner, and a fantastic chance to network with university and community leaders.

Please stay tuned for more updates regarding Harambee 2014.

To be added to our community mailing list, please email wusc.viu@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support!

To read more about Harambee, check out this article published by the VIU News: https://www.viu.ca/mainly/page.asp?ID=2031

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WUSC BC Regional Meeting, 15th Feb 2014 at UBC

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As usual every time the local committee members meet, there is a lot of fun, we helped each other grow by learning from the successes of others. The meeting was the 2nd Annual Regional meeting, and it is a really good tradition that is going to make the West Coast members network more. The WUSC Local committees in attendance were UBC, UVic, VIU, Royal Roads Uni (They want to start a committee), UNBC, and SFU. It was a very interesting time, having Michelle Manks, who is the SRP Senior Officer -WUSC OTTAWA and Claire Doherty, our BC Regional coordinator present.

More photos are coming up soon, and more social events are too 🙂