The SFU WUSC Local Committee is a student and volunteer-driven campus organization that runs the SFU Student Refugee Program.

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To foster human development and global understanding through education and training.

What is WUSC?

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a leading Canadian international development agency comprised of a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions.

WUSC has over 70 local committees in colleges and universities across the country and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. WUSC’s award-winning projects address local needs and strive to reduce poverty. These projects are delivered with local partners to reduce sustainability.

WUSC partnered with the Canadian Centre for International Studies (CECI) in 2004 to form Uniterra to mobilize people to reduce world poverty by 50% by 2015 through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

To learn more about the national organization, visit


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WUSC SRP Program

The Student Refugee Program 

Since 1978, WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) has allowed people who have had their education interrupted by conflict and persecution continue their studies in post-secondary institutions across Canada. SFU has been sponsoring students since 1981 and an overwhelming majority of students have successfully completed their degrees and found stable jobs.

The local committee works with SFU International Services for Student (ISS) staff to do the pre-arrival preparation of the students, integration of students to SFU and the Lower Mainland, and providing the social and material support during their transition.

The committee is made up of people from various cultural backgrounds and perspectives to create a dynamic and supportive group. That’s why we have the best potlucks because we really do have an international feast!


The Student Refugee Program is supported by a student levy and tuition and residence waivers from the university for the first year of sponsorship. Sponsored students often work in co-op and/or get student loans afterwards to complete their degree during their path to self-sufficiency.

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Duties of Local Committee

SFU WUSC Local Committee

The SFU WUSC Local Committee is a student and volunteer-driven campus organization that:

Runs the Student Refugee Program.

Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, such as

  • education and health (e.g. water, sanitation)
  • sustainable livelihoods (e.g. promotions of vocational training and assisting in agriculture/rural developments)
  • governance (e.g. promotion of human rights and peace building)

Promote national and international travel opportunities, such as the Uniterra Leadership Summit

Organize pre-arrival preparations for the sponsored students and assist them in their transition to life in Canada and to life on the SFU campus.

Inform and mobilize other students and the general public around global citizenship issues e.g. fundraising for women in war-affected Afghanistan, fundraising to build bicycle ambulances for people in Malawi, raising awareness of refugee issues through films, documentaries and informal presentations

Selects an SFU delegate to attend the annual International Seminar

Partners with other like-minded organizations, such as the SFU Dzaleka Project, Fair Trade Vancouver and WUSC UBC.

Get involved! to make a difference in the lives of SRP students!
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