Welcome to SFU WUSC!


The Student Refugee Program (SRP) enables refugees uprooted by conflict or persecution to continue their post-secondary education in Canada. SFU has sponsored students since 1980 and is supported by the university and a student levy. It is run by student volunteers and staff at SFU International.

Get involved! The success of the committee is 100% dependent on engaged people like you.

For more information, to become a general volunteer, or to apply for a position, please email  Gecellie Catungal (current chair) at gmc5@sfu.ca.

Do you know why we have the best potlucks? Because the SFU Chapter of World University Service of Canada is made up of people from diverse backgrounds from all over the world. One night we’ll eat Sudanese food, Ethiopian bread, naan bread and tiramisu for desert.

Hang out with us and you will meet amazing people, find out about international travel opportunities and gain great skills through event planning, doing communications work and helping with our Student Refugee Program. More about us.