WUSC International Forum 2011

WHEN: November 10 – 12.

WHERE: Ottawa, Ontario

WHAT: The theme is “Innovation in Sustainable [International] Development”.

The Forum will promote dialogue, encourage effective partnerships, share best practices and provide researchers, decision-makers and practitioners from governments, development agencies, civil society, the private sector and other committed players with sustainable solutions for the future. Panel discussions, case studies, workshops, research presentations and testimonies will examine innovative approaches and new ideas that are transforming the way in which development in the South is perceived and achieved.

Visit forum.wusc.ca.

WHO: WUSC SFU is going to send one representative or “voting delegate“. This opportunity is open to all volunteers and SRP students.

CRITERIA: past active involvement with WUSC SFU and/or commitment to future, active involvement (if nominee is relatively new to the team, AND demonstrated interest and/or commitment to international development issues/initiatives

E-mail wuscsfu@gmail.com if interested. All candidates and voters must attend a meeting next Friday, October 7th at 12:30 pm in the library, room 2111. This is when presentations and voting will occur.

  • Round-trip airfare: $100 exact (WUSC Ottawa will cover the rest)
  • Registration fee: $195
  • Accommodations: $62 per person per night* (based on triple occupancy rate)
  • You may apply for funding from the Student International Mobility Fund. Check out their website.
  • You may also wish to contact your faculty or department… they might have a pool of funds available for undergraduates wishing to go abroad for a conference, field trip, etc.
  • Fundraising is another option.
  • A portion of the local committee’s catalyst fund ($250 in total) may also be used.
Contact us for any questions or concerns.
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