Elisyha Ali’s Experiences at the WUSC International Forum 2012

I’ll start from Day One:
There are different ‘workshops’ you go to where they give you different presentations. Throughout the whole day for the first day, I felt like they were introducing what WUSC was, its objectives and goals, and its different programs. The workshop I went to not only introduced us to what WUSC was (briefly) but also focused on building the local committee and maintaining it. We outlined several problems that occurs in university such as (members graduating, not enough people or participation in events, members not trained enough for future tasks) and we came up with solutions on how to solve those problems.
We focused mainly on holding events such as making sure it suits the student population and holding it at a good time where students aren’t in the middle of exams. Also, marketing is an important factor because we need to distinguish ourselves from all the other posters on campus. So we should come up with a way to design or market our posters in a more effective matter. Social media helps a lot and also word of mouth. This is not just a way to hold events but also recruit more people.
Another way we could recruit people is during clubs day, and telling them what WUSC is all about and what they do and offer. Most of the participants at the forum felt that the SRP program had the most effect (including me) in becoming more active with the club because you can physically see the change through an SRP student. So during recruitment, we should tell them about what differentiates us from other clubs because that can be also another problem – standing out from other student clubs.
We also had a regional networking event where participants were divided by region and so I was in the Western Canada presentation. We discussed on what problems we encountered as well as what we can do about keeping the committee alive, then we played some games.
After that we had an opening panel, where we were all in a big conference room and heard different people speak and I think the main idea was how important the youth were in this kind of organization contributing to international development. Being on campus gives us the opportunity to reach more people as well as create awareness for change.
Second Day:
The key thing that I learnt on the second day is all the types of events and ideas that local committees held. I was really impressed with Claudel, a speaker from University of Montreal and she was talking about the tuition change that was brought upon Quebec. She was part of the committee that created awareness for change with great success. She told us how she marketed her events, and how self determination was vital in every aspect of the change she wanted to see in her school. She made it clear that students/youth had to keep pushing for change and not give up. We also had another example of a social worker from Egypt, but I couldn’t hear her clearly because it was a long distance call. She was talking about the women there being oppressed and how they opt for change as well.
Third Day:
So after the WUSC annual assembly where we had breakfast and did some voting, I went to a presentation called the ethical tea purchasing. I actually managed to talk to the girl who was interning in Sri Lanka for the exact organization. Basically it was about how we could improve the lives of tea pickers in Sri Lanka as they are working in harsh conditions and have poor living standards. Also, they get paid very badly, so the whole talk was basically about changing our consumer purchases to ethical goods

One thought on “Elisyha Ali’s Experiences at the WUSC International Forum 2012

  1. Dear Elisyha, I just came across your entry on WUSC Forum 2012. I am extremely happy to read your kind words. Thank you !

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