YES To Sponsorship Extension Proposal

Today we held the voting meeting in AQ 2013 Conference room. I am excited to say that after much deliberation, there was a unanimous vote of YES to Chris Breedyk’s Sponsorship Extension Proposal 🙂

These are the meeting minutes:

Thank you so much for everyone who could make it 🙂

There are some few changes regarding meeting times, from now on we are going to be meeting (all members) every other Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. ( Once every 2 weeks)

Below is the breakdown of the WUSC SFU Sponsorship Funding


Alain Ndayishimiye – Recent Graduate 2013

This is a post that should have been posted a while back when Alain convocated, sorry Alain 🙂

Alain Ndayishimiye, as most of you know, is a very energetic and loving person. He came to SFU through WUSC in 2008 and graduated last year with a Business Degree. He was co-chair, but even after his term ended, he maintained a very supportive and reliable role.

SFU News published a short story about him.