The WUSC Chairs will be responsible for overseeing the Student Refugee Program, working with the other Co-chair, SFU International and volunteers to promote overseas internships, and organizing socials and/or advocacy events for students.


Time Commitment

  • Three semesters (one year)


  • Work with other co-chair to hold and facilitate meetings
  • Promote WUSC’s annual overseas internship in the Fall (International Seminar); help facilitate the application and interview process
  • Facilitate the selection of an SFU WUSC representative to attend Ottawa conferences in the Summer and Fall (Uniterra Leadership Summit and the WUSC Annual General Assembly)
  • Help answer WUSC-related e-mails
  • Help generate ideas about future directions for the local committee. Explore possible projects and events for the team
  • Help the secretary/treasurer, media and promotions executives and SRP executives with their tasks. Fill in holes and gaps as much as possible
  • Plan socials and teambuilding activities for the local committee
  • Be a resource and information guide for other members (thus must be familiar with WUSC’s objectives and various humanitarian programs, and must be familiar with the official WUSC website and SFU’s PBWiki account)
  • Take photos of WUSC members at WUSC events and upload them on the WordPress website
  • Inform other members of what needs to be done. Delegate as necessary
  • Help complete various forms: Intent to Sponsor forms, SFSS Club Renewal forms, SFSS Grant Proposals, WUSC Event Proposals, etc.
  • Communicate with the SFSS office to get ideas about the sorts of resources that they offer to clubs
  • Generate and help execute ideas about possible collaborative projects with other student groups at SFU and with local committees from other universities.


  • Candidate must be dedicated, reliable, responsible, positive and enthusiastic
  • Excellent interpersonal, teamwork skills as well as sound leadership capabilities
  • Must communicate well and be organized
  • Interest in humanitarian work and in international or social issues
Current Status

This position is currently held by:

Delphine Umutoni (Health Science major) and

Kelsey Aimar (Biomedical Physiology).

You can reach them at