Student Refugee Program Executives

Every year the SFU WUSC Local Committee sponsors two refugees to study at SFU for two years. The success of this program is a result of committed quality volunteers. As an executive, you will work closely with SFU International staff to run the Student Refugee Program. You will play an essential part in the integration of the students into SFU and Vancouver. SRP must read carefully and adhere to the list of duties as outlined in the SRP master guidebook.

Time commitment

  • 2-3 semesters

Duties (a partial list)

  • Must attend SRP orientation in late Spring to gain better, more in-depth understanding of the program
  • Collaborate with SFU International staff for the pre-arrival preparation for the students
  • Gather all necessary household items for two students
  • Ensure a homestay is secured
  • Prepare and send welcome package to selected students
  • Ensure all pre-arrival items are collected
  • Pick up the student from the airport
  • Keep in touch with students regularly and provide necessary support from their arrival throughout the school year
  • Show the sponsored refugee students around the city and SFU campus
  • Plan and organize fun summer activities for the students
  • Help the sponsored students run errands, such as signing up for a debit card, getting SIN and library cards, etc.
  • obtain the help of other WUSC members on completing this general to-do list


  • Excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Very reliable
  • Interest in international issues
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Interest in humanitarian work
  • Able to effectively work in a team

2 thoughts on “Student Refugee Program Executives

  1. i m somali refugee student who is highly interested to be one of ur students this year i m very pleased to work with u for all qualifications u need so plz u can contact me if u can help me,

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