Student Refugee Program


About the Student Refugee Program

Since 1978, WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) has allowed people who have had their education interrupted by conflict and persecution continue their studies in post-secondary institutions across Canada. SFU has been sponsoring students since 1981 and an overwhelming majority of students have successfully completed their degrees and found stable jobs.

The local committee works with SFU International staff to do the pre-arrival preparation of the students, integration of students to SFU and the Lower Mainland, and providing the social and material support during their transition.

The committee is made up of people from various cultural backgrounds and perspectives to create a dynamic and supportive group. That’s why we have the best potlucks because we really do have an international feast!


The Student Refugee Program is supported by a student levy and tuition and residence waivers from the university for the first year of sponsorship. Sponsored students often work in co-op and/or get student loans aftewards to complete their degree during their path to self-sufficiency. A detailed breakdown of the funding is available at SFU International.

SFU Local Committee


The Student Refugee Program is completely run by student volunteers in collaboration with SFU International. The Local Committee is responsible for the integration and well-being of the sponsored students and Co-chairs and SRP executives are required to make at least a one year commitment during this process.

Contact if you have any questions about the program. Get involved to make a difference in the lives of students through the program.