International Seminar


The International Seminar provides 20 students and 2 faculty advisors an intensive six-week study tour in a developing country every year. For over 50 years, WUSC’s annual International Seminar has provided Canadian students with their first in-depth experience in a developing country. The Seminar is presented by Uniterra, an initiative of WUSC and the Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI).


Past Seminars

2007 Seminar – Ghana & Burkina Faso

This seminar focused on examining barriers to basic education children face, particularly girls from poor families. Past participant: Lindsay Zibrik

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2006 Seminar – Botswana

Twenty Canadian students traveled to Botswana and joined forces with twenty Batswana students to study HIV/Aids and local economic development.

Past participant: Gunpreet Singh

2005 Seminar – Burkina Faso

The 2005 International Seminar was held in Burkina Faso with HIV/AIDS and agriculture as the major program themes. The working language was French.

Past participant: No SFU representative

2004 Seminar – Malawi

The 2004 International Seminar took place in Malawi, where HIV/AIDS and agriculture were examined. The Canadian students worked in collaboration of 20 Malawian counterparts, and the working language was English.

Past participant: Jack Su