Students Without Borders


WUSC’s has partnered with CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) to create more opportunities for students to volunteer overseas through a program called Students Without Borders (SWB). Students can work in South America, Africa and Asia. Participants can also earn academic credits while developing and sharing knowledge and skills for a more equitable world.


Making a Difference

See available positions through Students Without Borders.

You apply your academic knowledge and theoretical concepts to a practical work environment in the developing world during an academic term. Through this experience, not only are you making a life-altering change, but also a difference in the lives of many living in disadvantaged communities both here and abroad. International development placements allow you to grow and experience new cultures, apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in school and make links to professional practice in your field. Students who work abroad come back with added abilities that are valued in the workplace. They gain:

• an understanding of global issues and perspectives
• an appreciation of diversity and increased cultural sensitivity
• willingness to accept new challenges
• improved interpersonal and communication skills
• a new level of maturity and independence
• confidence that all individuals can effect change


Choose from 3 Placement Streams:

1. International Community Service Learning (CSL)

• You have the opportunity to earn credits towards your degree or diploma

2. Co-op

• You have the opportunity to have your Co-op placement in Canada or abroad
• You must be enrolled in a Co-op program

3. Internship

• You gain hands on experience in a challenging work environment

Note: Preference will be given to students interested in earning credits


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